The intellectual property has a close relationship with creations of human ingenuity such as inventions and industrial designs. Inventions constitute solutions to technical problems and industrial designs are the aesthetic creations that determine the appearance of industrial products. In addition, industrial property includes trademarks, service marks, trade names and designations, indications of provenance, registered designations of origin, and protection against unfair competition. Here the characteristic of intellectual creation, although existing, is less prominent, but what matters is that the object of industrial property typically consists of signs that transmit information to consumers, specifically in regard to products and services that are offered on the market, and that protection is directed against unauthorized use of such signs, which is very likely to mislead consumers, and against misleading practices in general.

With the rights of Intellectual Property, the objective is to guarantee the rights of trade names, trademarks, and o protect the authors´ creations, doing this last rejection of the so-called piracy, which is the one that affects copyright.

This Law 20-00 on Industrial Property, makes life easier for the holders of these marks, since through this, the creations remain registered at the Office of Industrial Property (ONAPI), protecting them as the sole owners of trade names or trademarks.